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NeXovation, The Entrepreneurial Conglomerate, is a global, multi-industry innovation company committed to the belief that a thoughtful and dedicated choice of priorities – regarding our world, communities, families, and each other – creates the potential for greatness, growth, joy and profit. Following these principles, NeXovation has brought together a unique team of experts and highly experienced professionals to make our dreams part of your reality.


“The best way to predict the future is to invent it.” ~ Alan Kay




NeXovation Works to Close on Nashville Superspeedway, Despite Lender Non-Performance

Despite delays from their project lender that resulted in an uncured default of their sales agreement with Dover Motorsports, NeXovation continues working to acquire the Nashville Superspeedway …

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NeXovation brings action before EU Court

NeXovation brings legal action before the General Court of the European Union in order to annul the decision of the European Commission of 1 Oct 2014 … the sale process of the Nürburgring did not follow the rule of law and did not …

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NeXovation Launches Impactivate Networks In Atlantic City

The new paradigm in Digital Out-of-Home Media Comes to the Atlantic City Boardwalk. The network, a subsidiary of NeXovation’s NeXomedia division, comprises ten locations, starting at Boardwalk Hall, and is expected to expand over the coming months to include 110 locations that will cover more than three miles of Atlantic City’s Boardwalk.

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Team NeXovation Honored to Participate in Rally for Kids with Cancer

It was an amazing and inspiring event where we met a wide variety of wonderful people, working together to raise money for this important cause. Since 2008, the Rally events have raised over $14 million for cancer research, treatment and care. A big thank you goes out to all who contributed with donations and/or their time. These events are a testament to what can be done when philanthropic individuals come together with one united vision, the health and well-being of our children.

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NeXovation Announces Agreement to Acquire Nashville Superspeedway from Dover Motorsports

Nearly three years after reducing its public access and closing to competitive racing, the Nashville Superspeedway motor racing complex will have a new owner. U.S.- based NeXovation Inc., a global innovation company and active pursuant (highest bidder) for the iconic Nürburgring motor sports facility in Germany, announced today that it has entered into a definitive agreement to acquire the Nashville Superspeedway in Lebanon, Tenn., from Dover Motorsports, Inc. (NYSE-Symbol: DVD).

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U.S.-Based NeXovation Has Filed Complaint Over The Sale of Nürburgring

NeXovation Inc., a U.S.-based global innovation company, announced today it has filed a complaint with the Directorate-General for Competition of the European Commission regarding the sales process of the Nürburgring. Although NeXovation submitted a financially attractive binding offer of EUR 150 million (EUR 110 million in cash) to acquire all assets of the iconic Nürburgring motor sports facility in Germany, the company believes its offer was not properly considered. Thus, it cannot be assumed that the sales process is in accordance with European Union (EU) law.

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NeXovation reicht EU-Wettbewerbsbeschwerde zum Verkauf des Nürburgrings ein

NeXovation Inc., ein globales Innovationsunternehmen mit Sitz in den USA, hat heute eine Beschwerde bezüglich des Verkaufsprozesses für den Nürburgring bei der Generaldirektion Wettbewerb der Europäischen Kommission eingereicht. NeXovation ist der Auffassung, dass ihr finanziell attraktives und bindendes Gebot über 150 Millionen Euro (davon Barmittel in Höhe von 110 Millionen Euro) für sämtliche Vermögensgegenstände des Nürburgrings im Rahmen des Bieterverfahrens nicht ordnungsgemäß berücksichtigt wurde. Von einem rechtsgültigen Verkaufsprozess auf Basis der EU-Gesetzgebung kann demzufolge nicht ausgegangen werden.

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Globally patented FlatWire® and FlatWire Ready® Technologies: innovative, high-performance, ultra-thin, surface-mounted wiring.


Advanced devices and methodologies embodying the use of compressed or liquid gases for use in transportation and real estate applications.


Advanced digital display solutions that integrate the latest in place-based video and lighting technologies to revitalize cities and provide brands with a highly marketable destination.



Social media and artist centric website, studio, and store, including streaming music/video and artist services.



Modern hybridization of conventional musical instruments and electronic devices that dominate our daily lives.



Accessories designed to enhance musicians’, motorsports’ and travel enthusiasts’ experiences.


Machines designed to enhance production costs and manufacturing efficiency.


System designed to relay broadband, cable TV, satellite TV and other utility providers’ system information to a central office.


Global call to action for inventors and innovators: giving inexperienced and under-resourced inventors or innovators a way to bring their vision to life.



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Company Values


NeXovation excels in the creation, design, development, manufacturing, marketing and sales of patented technologies and innovations.


The NeXovation business model is founded on achieving a new level of cooperation between businesses, employees, customers, citizens and governments.

Constituent Awareness

NeXovation pledges that all nexovators will earn a living wage – health insurance, short and long-term disability, and other key benefits.


The NeXovation model includes a “made-in-market” approach to the globalization of innovations and patented technologies.


NeXovation is driven to create repairable, recyclable and reusable products and experiences to the greatest level possible.


NeXovation is comprised of a group of divisions offering a variety of innovative products, services and revenue models.

Our Team

Robert Sexton
Chief Executive Officer & Founder

Caroline Sexton
Chief Branding Officer & NeXomedia

Doug Donsbach
Chief Technology Officer & NeXomotive

David Stephens
Chief Sales Officer & Operations

Michael Kinnard
EVP General Counsel & Operations

Michael Binder
Chief Marketing Officer & NeXomedia

Sean Long
Executive Vice President
& President NeXwire

Phil Biggs
Chief Business Development Officer

Wes Lowzinski
Chief Procurement & Strategic Partnerships Officer

Jonathan Yodis
Senior Vice President
Web, IT & Xistar


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