Nashville, Tenn.June 16, 2015NeXovation, Inc. expects to close on the Nashville Superspeedway before July 27, 2015 and is working over the next few days to cure the default in its purchase agreement with Dover Motorsports, Inc. (NYSE-Symbol: DVD). “We’d like to thank Dover for continuing to work with us toward the closing”, said NeXovation CEO, Robb Sexton. “We’ve encountered some unexpected delays from our investment partners but all of the financial commitments are finalized for the Nashville Superspeedway as well as other NeXovation technologies and projects. We feel confident that the Nashville Superspeedway will close by July 27th, if not sooner.”

NeXovation made an additional $400,000 payment toward the Speedway in late May and now has approximately $3 million invested in the purchase. NeXovation continues to look forward to the closing of the Nashville Superspeedway and to bringing its business model to Wilson County and the Nashville community.

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